The association of the old Airvault Castle

The Friends of the Old Castle of Airvault (AVCA) was created to bring together all lovers, protectors and defenders.
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The town of Airvault is spread out in the Thouet valley around two listed monuments, the abbey and the Saint-Pierre church, dominated by the citadel (castle) built on a hill. This strategic position made it an important part of the city's powerful defensive system in the Middle Ages.
Airvault Castle is considered one of the few surviving specimens of 12th century military architecture. From this period remains the enclosure with its two uncrown towers and its keep whose well-preserved silhouette marks the urban landscape.
Airvault Castle seen from the sky

The buildings inside the enclosure replaced the original constructions in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Among the buildings remains the prison with its two vaulted cells lit by a loophole.During these 800 years, the castle has witnessed the great and small history of France. Often besieged, never conquered, he is always proudly standing.Despite everything, the weight of years and torments are there and it remains fragile; we must therefore act quickly to preserve it.
stay in a castle in Airvault - deux sèvres

Long closed to the public, the owners of the château wish to open this place steeped in history to allow the public to discover its history, its magic and its poetry. In addition, by offering to make the castle available to those who want to organize “events” there, they are clearly showing their intention to give the castle back to life in the heart of the city.

The Friends of the Old Castle of Airvault (AVCA) was created to bring together all lovers, protectors and defenders.

She set herself several goals:

Introduce the public to the castle and its history by organizing guided tours

Act as a "historian" by researching all documents relating to the history of the Château and the city of Airvault

Animating these places and organizing all kinds of cultural, festive, tourist and sporting events

Contribute and participate in the restoration of the two northern towers and the castle wall

Rebuild between the gate tower and the northwest tower the hoards as they were originally (11th century)

Participate in the discovery and updating of the famous "mysterious room" of the Castle

Rebuild the drawbridge

Restore the castle wine press

Act for the safeguard, enhancement, promotion and influence of the castle and the architectural heritage it represents.

If you too want to join us, don't hesitate to contact us!See you soon,The president.